Looking for Industrial Partners for Bio-Business

We have developed a series of bacterial and fungal cellulases and other enzymes producing systems which can be used in biomass conversion, biorefining, and enzyme production industry. We are seeking interested industrial partners for our research. Please contact us at BioBusiness8@gmail.com for more information. You may get information from our university website: http://www.lakeheadu.ca/ and lab website: http://flash.lakeheadu.ca/~wqin/

本实验室开发了一些可用于工业酶生产的细菌和真菌菌株. 目前我们有产纤维素酶,半纤维素酶,木质素酶,漆酶,和糖化酶等的菌株, 我们也可以代为开发符合你们需要的遗传工程菌株。欢迎生物技术公司或者其他实验室与我们联系或者合作进一步开发菌株。联系邮箱BioBusiness8@gmail.com。下列网站有更多的有关我们学校和实验室的信息:http://www.lakeheadu.ca/ http://flash.lakeheadu.ca/~wqin/谢谢